Welcome to Windy River Elementary

October 22, 2014

AR- you still need to be at 90% by tomorrow.  Keep reading. Read at home.  If you are in the workroom read carefully when you are there.  Talk to your teacher if you want to read other things that we do not have.  

Positive Action: Creative: We are getting creative in giving you credit for reading many things.  Creative.

School Store:  the school store will be open tomorrow during lunch time.  We will have things available for 4th graders at the end of the lunch time.

Kettle Corn- today and tomorrow we will be giving you the bags of kettle corn that people purchased.  Make sure that you take them to the people who bought from you and do it right away. Do not wait.

Community Events : Monster House is playing at the Sage Center & The Very Poplar Walk/Run this Saturday in the Boardman forrest. Come and participte in both events.

Have a good day!