School Registration

Morrow County School District will begin online registration August 10th. Returning families will need to log into their parent portal account and update the following information:

  • -Contact information
  • -Emergency Contacts
  • -Technology use forms
  • -Internet questionnaire
  • -Dental Screening
  • -Transportation form

Buildings will host "drive-through" registration for new families and families unable to access the parent portal between August 10th and 18th. Please call ahead for times or check the building website for specific details.

Boardman Schools:

Sam Boardman Elementary (541) 481-7383

Riverside Jr/Sr High (51) 481-2525

Windy River Elementary (541) 481-2526

Heppner Schools:

Heppner Elementary (541) 676-9128

Heppner Jr/Sr High (541) 676-9138

Irrigon Schools:

A.C. Houghton Elementary (541) 922-3321

Irrigon Elementary (541) 922-2421

Irrigon Jr/Sr High (541) 922-5551

Morrow Education Center (541) 922-4004