Grad Rates

MCSD Celebrates Increased Graduation Rate

 Morrow County, OR -- On Thursday, January 21, the Oregon Department of Education released graduation rates for the 2019-20 graduating class.

 For the third year in a row, Morrow County School District improved its overall graduation rate by more than three percentage points, from 88.02% for 2018-19 to 91.62% for 2019-20. This is 8.99% higher than the state average of 82.63%. This is the four-year cohort rate, which means students who earned their regular diplomas within four years of high school. The 2019-20 four-year cohort consists of students who first entered high school in 2016-17.

 ODE also reported the four-year cohort completer rate, which includes students who earned a standard high school diploma, as well as those who were awarded an extended high school diploma, or GED (General Education Diploma), within the four years being measured. Morrow County’s four-year completer rate is 98.2%.  Dirk Dirksen, school district superintendent, said the district had nine students who earned their GEDs and are included in that rate.

 Graduation rates broken down by individual MCSD high schools:

                                                  4-Year Rate                     4-Year Completer Rate

 Irrigon Jr/Sr High                         93.55                           98.39

Heppner Jr/Sr High                     95.83                           100.

Morrow Education Center      58.82                           88.24

Riverside Jr/Sr High                     96.88                           100.

District                                                    91.62                           98.2

Superintendent Dirk Dirksen said the graduation rates are great news for Morrow County School District. “Having been a part of MCSD for 40 years, I cannot be prouder of the work it took to reach these graduation rates. This takes tremendous commitment and effort by every staff member, parent and student,” Dirksen said.