One School + One Book = EVERYBODY Reads!

Have you heard about One School, One Book? This is a way to get kids excited about reading, by reading the same book for the entire school. It’s like having a whole school book club. The first WRE “One School, One Book” book was chosen because of strong messages of friendship, teamwork, standing up for what's right, and the fact that we can all benefit from less technology sometimes!

As the first months of school come to a close, I have noticed students heavily relying on their cell phone to maintain contact with friends, listen to music and browse social media apps like Tik Tok, SnapChat and Discord. In response to an over reliance on cell phones, I want to promote reading and face-to-face interaction. So, here at school, we have purchased a book for every student and we are going to read Unplugged by Gordon Korman!  Follow along with your student as we read this book together in November.

Can you do me a favor and check the screen time usage for your student’s technology? You can check phones, chromebooks, tablets and even smart tvs. On average children in the United States ages 8-12 spend 4-6 hours each day watching or using screens. Most experts on health recommend no more than 2 hours daily for this age group. Some teens are spending 9 or more hours on a  screen every day. Yikes! Here are some fun ideas to do instead of screens: make a new recipe, draw a sidewalk mural, go on a walk, roast marshmallows, make a hot chocolate bar or do a scavenger hunt.

Our goal is to provide learning opportunities that are engaging for students in a safe and welcoming environment. Our vision statement here at Windy River is Preparing and Inspiring Future Leaders.  Let’s work together to support students. 

Thank you and take care,  Mrs. Stephanie Ewing - Principal