battle of the books

The Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) comes to Windy River Elementary!

What is OBOB?
OBOB is a statewide voluntary reading motivation program. Students, regardless of ability, are exposed to literature representing a variety of literary styles and viewpoints. OBOB’s mission is to encourage students to broaden their reading interests, increase reading comprehension, promote academic excellence, and to promote cooperative learning and teamwork among students.

Teams consist of 4 members (with an optional alternate member) that share the responsibility of reading all the books listed below. We recommend each student reads at least 4 different titles and memorizes the authors' names and book titles exactly as they appear on the books. Practice battles will begin in January.

Check out this link to a Quarter Final Battle in 2018.

OBOB is a student-led activity. The individual teams plan, organize, and read! Make sure to come up with a creative team name. Ms. Medel and Mr. Keefer are here for guidance and support.
*There is no charge to participate and practice battles begin in January.

Here are the lists of books for this year:

WRE has purchased 4 copies of each book. Start reading now!


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